How To Remove Warts On The Tongue?

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Warts on the tongue are a more common problem than you can imagine. Surely no one likes to experience the feeling of those warts that are so uncomfortable, especially not knowing when they will go away.

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Finding Warts may have been a cause of mental discomfort for you. We have all the information about Warts that you need to know.

Developing Warts on body feels alarming. Having one on your tongue has raised a serious concern for you. We are here to provide you research-based knowledge on Warts on your tongue and other parts of the body.



What Are Warts And Where Do They Come from?

Warts are the flesh-colored bumps caused by a Virus known as Human papillomavirus (HPV). Specifically, HPV6, 11 and 12 are the reason behind these Warts. This virus is not only a cause of Warts but it leads to a number of medical conditions.


Most Warts are formed because of Oral Contact, Oral-Genital contact and it often spreads with nail-biting, Kissing partner that has got HPV. Moreover, if you get a cut on your skin, and you do not cover it with proper bandage, the virus gets through your skin and a Wart develops. Research studies show that about 7% of U.S population develops this condition.


It is a contagious condition. If you got Warts on your tongue or anywhere on your body, please take precautionary measures and avoid physical and oral contact with people near you to keep them safe. Otherwise, Maintain good hygiene and also ask your partner to maintain it for healthy and safe oral contact.


Keep up with us for a while to know the types and treatments of different types of Warts on your tongue.



What To Know About The Type Wart On Your Tongue?

Among the following four types of Warts, one must be the type you got on your tongue. Generally, in medical terminology, Warts are named as Oral Condyloma Acuminatum (Veneral Warts).


However, children get Warts that are termed as Nonveneral. Common types of tongue Warts include:

  • White mass lesions which looks like cauliflower – Squamous Papilloma
  • Warts that are on different part of the body and not specifically on the tongue – Common Warts
  • Some Warts are the tissue expansions and result as unusual spread of mass – Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia
  • Warts that occur specifically on Genital area and get to the tongue by Oral contact – Condyloma Acuminata


Do remember that the size of warts primarily determine its type.


Most warts are sore and uncomfortable, even the benign ones. So you need not worry unless the type is determined.


Let’s get to know how can you get your Warts treated? Always know that panic is not a treatment to Warts on your tongue or anywhere on the body.



The Ways In Which Your Warts Can Be Treated

Common Warts are not sore and do not cause pain. So, if you have Warts on your tongue that does not cause pain. Don’t worry. These kinds of Warts are benign and go away with time. Till then, have patience and consider it as a test of your patience.


You can talk to the Medical practitioner whether you have to get the Wart on your tongue removed or not.


Now, if you are ready to get the Wart removed from your body, Doctors have got two ways to end this agony of yours:

  • Cryotherapy – Removal of the group of tissues that showed abnormal growth. This is done with the use of Liquid Nitrogen.
  • Electrosurgery – The use of strong electric current to remove excessive and abnormal tissue from affected part of your body.


This is the point where almost each one of you is going to panic. These operations are performed under controlled environments by medicine practitioners. You won’t get liquid nitrogen in your stomach for a Brunch, nor are you getting an electric shock for a strong mental wake-up.


Things you can do to contain the spread of Warts all around your body:

  • Get yourself a shot of HPV vaccine - This may reduce your chance of developing Warts by 90%
  • Avoid Oral Sex - You must use precautionary measures while amusement.
  • Quit Smoking - Researches have shown that excessive use of Tobacco results in Warts. This habit can cost you with malignant Warts that are a sign of Cancer.



Tongue Warts Leading To Worrying Conditions

Tongue Warts, if left undetermined and untreated, may lead to serious health conditions. Abnormal tissue-growth sometimes becomes uncontrollable. If you have following conditions:

  • White and red patches in your mouth
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing/feeling of a lump in your throat
  • Jaw pain
  • Swelling


You have to consult your doctor on immediate basis. This may indicate towards the condition of Oral Cancer.


In addition to Warts on your tongue, if you are experiencing above mentioned symptoms then consult your doctor for a proper treatment as soon as possible.



Warts Removal Methods

In many cases, treating warts on the tongue does not lead to the desired result. If the tumor is benign, you can remove it in one of the following ways:


Laser - The method does not require preparation. The average duration of the procedure is 20 minutes. First, the doctor treats the tongue with an anesthetic and then burns the papillae. The final stage is the use of antiseptic solutions. There is no bleeding in the process of removing warts. The method is considered safe and extremely effective. After laser removal of papillomas, the virus does not spread to healthy tissues.


Cryodestruction - The method requires preparation: before the procedure it is necessary to cure all existing infectious diseases. Wart removal algorithm: the doctor treats the tongue with an antiseptic solution, after which it acts on the growth of liquid nitrogen. Then the procedure is repeated several times. Anesthesia is not required for this method.


Electrocoagulation - It is also necessary to cure all infectious diseases before the procedure. First, the doctor heats the device to the required temperature and then treats the tongue with an anesthetic. He then touches the electrode of the nipple. This method is not advanced. Today, they are more likely to prefer laser removal or cauterization with liquid nitrogen.


In some cases, traditional nipple surgical excision. It is performed under local anesthesia. After the introduction of the anesthetic, the surgeon cut out the neoplasm with a scalpel. The wound is then disinfected and sutured. The latter are removed after 2 weeks.



Normal kind of Warts on your skin and tongue goes away with the time. But if they prolong or expand and show other aforementioned symptoms, then it is the time you consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.


We write articles on research-based knowledge. Do take good care of yourself and remember what you learn from this article.




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