Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation

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German board certified Dermatologist Dr Sabine Zenker gives valuable insights in her non-invasive concept for elegant facial rejuvenation

There is still a lot of evidence that most patients are seeking for a natural, aesthetically appealing, refreshed look, and are therefore on this track to maintain and improve their aesthetic appearance or seeking for what they looked like when they were younger. But as we are obviously able to improve or balance facial features, too, a lot of work is done recently to match such expectations, too. And all this to obtain the natural look, to make our patients feel well in their skin!



It is obvious that -in order to be able to implement nonsurgical, noninvasive aesthetic treatments- the respective physician needs to present a lot of skills, expertise, training but also a distinct personal style and definitely the love for aesthetics!

Second to this, we have to inform, coach and sometimes even educate our patients to enable them to choose the best and perfectly customized protocol in order to solve their problems and to serve them at best.



Good to know that people are actually starting to take care of their outer and inner health earlier in life: I have patients looking 20 years younger but being 15 years older, utilizing my sustained treatment concept since their twenties. But honestly, though for many patients it’s a matter of time and money. But I can see a change here: they are ready to invest in their health and beauty. COMBINATION IS IT

At the end of the day, it’s key to offer a smart combination of the “right” treatments for any individual.

By implementing my techniques, I am able to replace volume, redefine contours, lift, stimulate and resurface the skin and relax the muscles. Amazingly enough we are able to fix these concerns with noninvasive procedures.



In order to correct facial wrinkles and restore facial volume, bio-resorbable injectables such as Hyaluronic Acid, Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Polycaprolactone fillers achieve immediate and lasting effects on the appearance and depth of facial wrinkles as well as on the loss of facial volume, lift contour and projection. Its composition makes those fillers biocompatible and makes them reabsorbed by our body, resulting in a natural form of integration in our skin and its underlying structures. The training and experience on the product in its different composition, concentrations etc. and indications together with the use of protocols and specific techniques give this treatment a great versatility to offer a wide range of minimally invasive aesthetic solutions to our patients with immediate and natural results.



Concerning benign pigmentation disorders such as melasma, freckles or lentigines simplices, we can resort to very effective topical depigmenting and whitening solutions. These treatments are quiet easy-to-use but afford a lot of knowledge in skins physiology obviously.

The experience of the doctor in diagnosis, prescription and selection of the respective protocol as well as in monitoring the post treatment protocol carried out by the patient throughout the process is key to achieve maximum efficacy as well as best tolerance towards the treatment and prevent future relapses. Any treatment can be individually adapted to any skin type and will result in reducing or eliminating the unwanted hyperpigmentation while increasing skins luminosity and overall glow of and unifying skins tone additionally.

It is important to mention that there is happening a continuous progress in this field that goes from the improvement in formulas and protocols to the development of new working agents based on new mechanisms of action in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, such as e.g. tranexamic acid.



To correct the signs of the skin aging, mesotherapy has many allies. This treatment of intradermal administration of working agents allows to treat skin and hair in a very targeted and personalized way. So it`s not about skin quality only here: why don`t we take the chance to rejuvenate, revitalize various hair conditions such as reduced hair quality, hair loss and scalp conditions and make use of the wide range of existing products, their active ingredients, their benefits and all the different combination possibilities?! A great number of special needles for injection and automatized devices entering the market will facilitate the treatment and make them more accessible to our patients.



We can offer a far more interesting portfolio of products and therapies to our patients than only some years ago. Think about some technologies that we didn’t even think of some years ago, such as absorbable lifting threads, and you realize we have come this far. Look at skincare, now enhanced by animal-derived stem cells and growth factors for topical use. Or at specific new products and treatment protocols for specific, especially delicate areas such as the periocular or the neck area by to not only increasing the aesthetic outcome but certainly the safety of the treatment itself, too.

Today the specialist can offer differentiated and individualized treatment approaches to go for natural, high-end, safe outcomes. Aesthetic medicine might become more problem oriented, even lesser invasive involving fewer downtime and thanks to better knowledge of understanding of why something would happen in the face, medical doctors have at command more alerts for how aging happens and prevention may be more and better possible. And there is a lot happening on the consumer side, too:  Look at smart watches that already measure your heartbeat and cardiac function being even connected to a centralized data base which could eventually send an alert to the consumer to visit his cardiologist swiftly! We should also invest in better diagnostics. Today you can tell people whether they are going to have diabetes based on swabbing the mouth by checking their genes and genome scores! I imagine that aesthetics would follow a similar route, where we would have diagnostic tools that can predict better and precisely what’s going to happen within aging of the individual, and then apply preventive measures. What’s going to change is the approach to aesthetics and the “handling” of human beauty. Increasingly, the pressure will grow for people to always look good or younger looking. The norms of beauty are changing, especially among very young people. The consumer profile might be changing in the aesthetic arena, very dramatically. Look at all the self-diagnosing apps that were getting now, for checking moles and other things. There are already apps telling you the rate of your wrinkles or facial volume loss, so this is something that people are going to be using at least the younger generation. That might change the demands, expectations, profile of the patient, too. People come into the clinic these days and many of them already know what kind of treatment they want. They know about Botox, they know about lasers a bit. This might result in a more focused consultation physician.

So there are many exciting things going on in medical aesthetics, namely in aesthetic dermatology. But at the end of the day it all comes down to humans, their desires, dreams. And I am very happy and grateful for being able being a bit part of this story helping people looking and feeling better and more confident in their skin!


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