A woman at 50 has more clothes than she wears

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Arrive summer, believe many females entered "buy buy buy" mode, just a lot of time, the dress buys again much, also wear the feeling that does not give want however.


Arrive summer, believe many females entered "buy buy buy" mode, just a lot of time, the dress buys again much, also wear the feeling that does not give want however. In fact, this is because good clothes have nothing to do with the number of clothes. The pursuit of simple texture is the most appropriate fashion expression for ordinary people.

Especially for 50 years old women, buy more inappropriate clothes, not as good as master "a dress more wear", with real wear texture of the single article to interpret their own elegant temperament and young state. This time, Momomiya, a blogger, is a master of "wearing more than one outfit". This summer, 50 years old woman's clothes is not much but in build, learn this elder sister's "a clothes to wear more", already practical advanced, beautiful look like a girl again!

Beige jeans

Mention jeans, a lot of people may take the lead in thinking of blue jeans, white jeans, actually talk about practical with classic, cream-colored jeans is not inferior at both before, still much even a few minutes gentleness and simple but elegant.

The soft, warm tone of beige jeans, instead of being harsh, can create a gentle, elegant tone that is friendly to the skin of a 50-year-old woman, even if her skin tone is yellowish or dark, and you don't have to worry about exposing your skin tone.

As a magic tool to wear more than one garment, beige jeans have a lot of choices in the top, but the premise is that women should choose a beige jeans suitable for the leg type, such as tapered pants are safe, summer to match with a striped, polka-dot or plaid elements of the top, elegant, nifty and simple.

In addition to polka-dot tops and striped tops, a basic shirt is also a good match for beige jeans. But at 50, remember that jeans are a basic item, and if the top is also designed to be simple and elegant, add some sparkles to the color scheme or detail.

For example, using a straight color or other classic and elegant color scheme, or tucking the shirt front into your jeans, are tips worth learning.

Two, one piece wrapped body half skirt

Dresses are the main theme of summer. If a 50-year-old woman wants to look elegant and young without losing her femininity, she can choose a one-piece wrap dress with retro colors and advanced texture.

In addition to wearing the wrapped half skirt is convenient, wearing method is also very different, summer around the waist can be called the most basic not to pick people wearing method, simple and white shirt do collocation, to show the mature age of women's elegant romance and graceful.

In addition, 50-year-old women can create an irregular sleeveless top by wrapping a half dress around the top, as this blogger has done, for instant chic.

Wrap the body half skirt to regard as shawl or wipe bosom skirt to wear, also be the choice that suits summer very much, before a kind of relative elegant follow a sex, after a kind of sexy charm is very much.

If you are worried that the strapless style is not easy to pull off, then try wearing it over a white shirt with a random knot at the bottom for a more French style.

High-waisted printed half skirt

A 50-year-old woman who takes an elegant and romantic route, how can she miss a printed skirt in summer?

When choosing printed half skirt, it is recommended that middle-aged women first adopt the length below the knee and above the ankle style. The version is mainly dominated by umbrella skirt, A-line skirt and pleated skirt. If you are slim, then printed skirt over the knee and hip is also very appropriate.

Second, the print pattern tone can be appropriate light and lively, reducing the aging effect is significant.

Printed dresses that meet both of these requirements are almost always versatile and work well with t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, bubble-sleeve tops or translucent knitwear.

But no matter what top you choose, make sure it's a solid color first, preferably one that matches a particular color of the printed skirt.

Suits and dresses

In addition to beige jeans and a printed skirt, a suit is a great tool to wear more than one outfit.

Besides being practical and agile, suits can also help a 50-year-old woman look energetic and youthful and elegant.

However, if you don't want to wear something too serious, a 50-year-old woman is advised to stick to a vertical print shirt or a suit in a pastel tone, such as a Morandi suit in color.

And when a summer suit is paired with cropped trousers or a high-waisted maxi dress, a 50-year-old woman can always add a further chic look by tinkering with color and detail.

For example, use the Morandi color pants and skirts to add a sense of softness to the shape, and use a pair of canvas shoes and square-toe muller sandals to enhance the modern atmosphere.

When it comes to dresses, many people may only think of wearing this single way of wearing. In fact, as long as you choose the right dress style, there are many ways of wearing.

Take this V-neck print bubble sleeve wrap jumpsuit dress for example. In addition to wearing it alone, it can also be worn by folding white wide-leg pants to enhance the dressing level, combined with blue and white color, all is elegant and advanced. In addition, the dress can be used as a suit, shirt, or translucent sweater, cardigan underneath.Read more at:http://www.formaldressau.com/collections/formal-dresses-brisbane